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Wardroid Foot

Wardroid Foot


    The old ones left behind a desolate world - the result of a catastrophic war shrouded in mystery. No one knows who fought, or why, the only clues that remain being the giant, dismembered wardroids that give the graveyard its name.


    All of our products are downloadable STL files compabitable with most slicing software (eg Cura for Ultimaker) and are scaled for 25-35mm wargaming and roleplaying minatures.


    All of our models are designed to print without supports, however some of the larger models will print better when using supports. If you're unsure it can't hurt to use them! Should you choose to use supports these can be added when you slice our STL files ready for your printer.


    These are finely detailed models so we recommend printing with 'fine' settings but they can also be printed with default settings. Of course the larger the model the longer the print so we sometimes choose to print some of our models using default settings to save time.


    Of course all filament printers can leave behind some residue, or as we call it “webbing”, so some bobbles or faint strings are to be expected when printing - simply use a blade to gently slice the excess away, as you would with HIPS models that come on frames.


    This is a non-exclusive, non transferable license agreement between you and The Wasteland Trader through Dream It Design Ltd. Please read this agreement carefully before using the product. If you choose not to accept this agreement, you must return the product unused. By using any part of the Contents you are agreeing to the following terms.

    1. These rights are granted to the license holder only, and are not transferable.

    2. The Contents is for personal use only, including physical goods derivative of the contents, and may not be sold or sub-licensed to a third party.

    3. The contents may not be edited and redistributed or sold to a third party.

    4. There is no limit provided to how many physical copies can be produced from the Contents, provided all are for personal use of the license holder as set out in Section 2.

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